“I have nothing but good things to say about SportsVet Animal Medical Center! We ended up there on a Sunday evening after a visit to the U of I Emergency Clinic. Our 7 month old blue heeler (Stella) showed a bowel obstruction on radiographs and was supposed to need surgery. [The doctor] was awesome and decided to monitor Stella instead of jumping right into surgery and she ended up not even needing the surgery! He saved us money and saved Stella from the risks associated with surgery. It is a beautiful facility and each staff member that we met was so friendly and helpful. Although we are hoping to never have another emergency…this clinic will be our first choice for emergency care!”
-Bri S., Facebook

“My husband and I are from out of town and were visiting family. We unexpectedly had to take our dog to the vet. We were seen very quickly as a walk-in! They treated our dog with great care and attention. They were quick in diagnosing her and getting her appropriate treatment.”
-Sarah M., Google

“Very helpful in helping our lil dog who caught a case of massive bloody shits and vomiting after eating some pizza he wasn’t supposed to. Pricey for the hospital stay and meds, but that is to be expected. Staff is very friendly and helpful in answering your questions and concerns.”
-Frank G., Yelp

“Very caring and professional staff. Quoted me a very reasonable price on surgery and got a bill for even less. Half the cost of the other emergency clinic here in the area”
-Ken F., Facebook

“Great vet, they work slowly with my dog who can be fearful and nervous. They also don’t mind when my small dogs get a bit excited/ bark a lot in the clinic. Always have a great experience there!”
-Sharon L., Google

“So clean, friendly, and efficient compared to my other emergency vet experiences. While traveling home from an out of state funeral, our small dog was bitten by a larger dog. We called 30 minutes ahead, were shown to a room immediately on arrival, saw the tech and vet promptly. Vet recommended what seemed a very reasonable course of care. Another vet went out of her way to give a thorough checkup to our four year old daughter’s stuffed animal. Such a positive experience!”
-Leah S., Yelp

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“Woke up Tuesday morning to my Doberman limping, with slightly swollen paws, and he was goarning all day. I called SportsVet to let them know what was going on, and my husband, and dog would be in soon. The woman I spoke to was very polite, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Lucifer received great care, and the staff was very kind. Lucifer is going better now, thank you all!”
-Becca H., Facebook

“What can I say sports vet are without any doubt the greatest..jack our fantastic golden retriever had knee surgery approx a year ago
[the Doctor] was caring and addressed all of our questions ,never in a hurry . Surgery went along without any problems. Jack, who is now 10, and Sheryl and myself are forever grateful to [the Doctor] and his staff…”
-Larry B., Google

“[The Doctor] operated on our boy Louie (we joked he was the $6mil dog with the titanium knee) and the water tank was great for his rehab. Louie had a good life on that knee. We took our boy latest boy Edward in. The Great Pyrenees have bad bones and poor Edward has arthritis. The x-rays [the Doctor] takes are top notch. It has been a drive for us. First with Louie from Bloomington, IL and now from Indianapolis but well worth the time knowing we are getting the best insight into what is going on skeletally with our dogs.”
-Alex P., Yelp

“SportsVet is always available when my animals need an extra helping hand and that means a lot to me. I appreciate that I’m given multiple levels of care options with good information behind each choice so that I can make an informed decision about what’s best for me and my animal. I always feel good walking away from the clinic, like I’ve received a valuable service at an affordable price. You are saving and improving many lives by not having steep emergency fees. My barn cat broke her toe this evening and I’m very thankful that she was able to get the timely pain relief she deserved without breaking the bank or having to wait until the next business day. Thank you for this wonderful service you are providing to our community!”
-Jordan G., Facebook

“We took our dog to see them as our regular vet had no availability. We were very impressed from the minute we stepped into the office. They were very nice and courteous through the whole process. They went through all of the steps they would be taking and the costs before they went through the testing. Unfortunately our dog had to be euthanized. They were so caring and supportive through the whole process. They even sent us a hand written sympathy card in the mail this week. We were so appreciative of their support and caring in a very hard time for us. We will forever be grateful for that.”
-Wesley C., Google

“I only had a brief, initial puppy appointment, but I really got a great vibe from the office and staff. I was in & out before too long, but didn’t feel rushed. The office team are very kind and sweet, and everyone gave great care to my pup. I went there because it was recommended by smart & knowledgeable dog owners.”
-Issac A., Yelp