Welcome to SportsVet’s Pet Resort! We understand that traveling without your pet can be stressful and we are here to be sure your pet’s visit is relaxing and as stress free as possible.

Accommodations your pet can expect during their stay: 

  • Daily exercise in our safe, fully fenced area. Dogs are walked on leash for an ample amount of time to get fresh air and to do their business.
  • Daily room service (freshly sanitized suite or run, sanitized water bowls & freshly laundered, cozy bedding each morning).
  • Routine feedings with properly sanitized bowls at each meal. Guests are served either the  food they bring from home or they are served a complimentary meal provided by us. Our guests are offered Purina EN, a prescription diet formulated to be easily digestible and gentle on the tummy.
  • Medication administration as required. *Additional fees apply*
  • Personal attention and interaction from our caring staff members.

Extras you can add-on to really pamper your pooch while they’re staying with us:

The Lazy Dog Package

Some extra TLC  for your favorite pooch. $25.00

  • A special bedtime snack. Our “Lazy Dog” guests are treated a serving of Pupcorn.
  • Extra snuggles and belly rubs before bed. A great way to unwind before drifting off to sleep!
  • Pictures and updates sent to you every other day. A nice way to know what your pet is up to while you’re away.

The Play & Stay Package

A perfect add-on for active dogs! $50.00

  • 2 Extra walks outside in the fresh air. A nice change of scenery throughout your dog’s day.
  • Daily interactive play sessions in our outdoor play area. A great way to burn off extra energy!
  • A filled, frozen Kong toy to enjoy each day. Peanut butter, chewy treats & cookies make this a delicious and stimulating treat. *Please let us know of any food allergies*

The Groomingdales Package

Add something extra to each day and finish with a luxurious spa day. $75.00

  • Daily photo updates of your pet enjoying his/her time with us.
  • Longer walks outside to enjoy the fresh air and a chance to really stretch their legs.
  • A special Frozen Frosty treat (doggy ice cream) for your fur baby to enjoy once during his/her stay.
  • A bath and brush out at the end of their vacation. Your pooch will smell fresh and clean when you pick him/her up.

The Happy Birthday Package

Let us celebrate your fur kid’s special day! $8.00

  • The birthday boy or girl will receive a special birthday cookie – Yumm!
  • We celebrate another year with a birthday dress up session. We’ll take pictures to commemorate this extraordinary day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for my dog to stay at the SportsVet Pet Resort?

All dogs must be current on the following vaccines: Rabies (1 or 3 year), Da2pp or DAP (canine distemper-adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus), Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Canine Influenza (H3N2 & H3N8)

*All vaccines must be administered a minimum of 10 days PRIOR to your dog’s stay. No exceptions.

The following Lab Tests are required for all dog’s staying with us: Fecal Floatation with a negative result, Canine Heartworm Testwith negative result. Both must be performed yearly.

We require all of our guests be on a monthly Heartworm Prevention & monthly Flea Prevention.  All preventatives must be purchases through a licensed Veterinarian (proof of purchase required).

Heartworm & Flea Prevention Products

Heartworm Prevention

    • Sentinel
    • Sentinel Spectrum
    • Interceptor
    • Trifexis
    • Heartgard
    • Revolution
    • Iverhart Plus
    • Iverhart Max
    • Advantage Multi

Flea Prevention

    • Sentinel
    • Sentinel Spectrum
    • Comfortis
    • Trifexis
    • Revolution
    • NexGard
    • Bravecto
    • Seresto
    • Advantage Multi

Flea Prevention Continued

  • Advantage II
  • Canine Advantix II
  • Simparica
  • Frontline Gold
  • Frontline Plus

Are there specific pick-up and drop-off times for boarding?

Monday – Friday: Check-out time is before 11:00am. Any pet picked up after 11:00am will be charged for an additional night. Check-in time begins at 12:00pm each day.

Saturday: Drop-offs and pick-ups are between 8:00am-12:00pm.

Sunday: NO drop-offs. Pick-up time is between 4:00pm-5:00pm.

Can I bring my pet's bedding and toys?

Due to safety and sanitary limitations, we cannot accept any personal belongings (i.e. beds, blankets, stuffed toys etc.). SportsVet will provide all the necessary bedding to keep your pet cozy and comfortable. Rawhides, bully sticks, and other consumable bones are not permitted as they pose a choking hazard, Nylabones or similar indestructible chews are permitted.

What kind of food do you provide?

Guests can bring their own food with them, we will happily serve it them as directed. If you prefer to not supply your pet’s regular food, we will provide Purina EN for them. Purina EN is a prescription diet that is specially formulated to be gentle and easy to digest. It helps to prevent GI troubles when switching foods.  We cannot accept large containers and bags of food due to storage space.

My pet has medications, will you administer these during their stay?

We will provide a qualified staff member to administer oral and/or topical medications for an additional fee. Guests requiring specialized care are handled on a case-by-case basis – some pets may require Hospitalized Boarding depending on their individual needs. If your pet has special needs, please bring it up when scheduling so we can be sure to meet his/her needs.  All medications must be provided by the owner and clearly labeled with written instructions, the pet’s name, type of medication, reason for medication, dosage, and administration schedule.

How far in advance should I book my pet's stay?

Boarding reservations are first come, first serve. We recommend that you book your reservation as soon as you know the dates you will need for your pet’s stay. Especially during holidays and long breaks, it’s always best to book your reservation well in advance to secure your spot.

What is Capstar and why is this necessary?

Checking each pet for live fleas is not a sure way to know there aren’t any fleas present, we do our best but cannot always find them. To protect all pets coming into our facility, we administer Capstar to everyone. This is a safe, fast-acting oral flea medication. It can be used in both dogs and cats, and is safe for both puppies and kittens. Any live fleas on a pet will be killed in as little as 30 minutes after administration. It does not provide long term flea prevention, but is a reliable way to be certain that none of our guests are at risk during their time here.

When is payment due?

Boarding fees are collected upon pickup. Failure to pay entire balance will results in your pet(s) no longer being welcome at our facility. During holidays and events, we require a credit card number to hold your reservation. Your card will be charged a set rate per reserved day if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance.

What are the boarding fees at SportsVet's Pet Resort?

  • Standard Runs  are $26.00 per night.
  • Luxury Suites are $40.00 per night.

We offer a 30% discount for additional pets from the same household staying in the same run or suite (maximum of 2 dogs in standard runs, maximum of 3 dogs in luxury suites).

  • Medication Administration is $7.00 (one time fee).

Our fees follow a similar schedule to a human hotel. After check-in, you are charged for each night your pet stays with us. If a pet is not picked up by the designated check-out time, additional fees will apply.