Pet Wellness: Veterinary Preventive Care & Vaccines

for Savoy & Champaign-Urbana Pets

Wellness care is designed to prevent disease in pets, thereby extending healthy years and enhancing quality of life for companion animals. However, wellness is not a cookie cutter process; your dog or cat is treated to a personalized wellness care program at SPORTSVET Animal Medical Center.

From vaccinations to nutrition, from dental needs to behavioral training, your dog or cat is viewed as unique. Each pet’s wellness plan is developed especially for his or her age, breed, and condition, as well as your family’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Pet Wellness Care

Pet Wellness Care

For an initial exam, schedule an appointment to visit SPORTSVET Animal Medical Center. A thorough examination of your pet will be performed assessing all body systems, function, body condition score, and weight. Goals will be established and a treatment plan tailored to fulfill your pet’s needs.

All of your annual veterinary needs are available at our center including annual exams, vaccinations, internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, dentistry, in-house lab, and radiology. Our staff members treat every patient and pet owner with compassion and respect. Choosing wellness care from SPORTSVET means your pet is reaching his or her full potential in health and vitality.

Pet Vaccinations

Although vaccines have the potential to protect pets against life-threatening disease, they are not without risk. At SPORTSVET, these health risks and benefits are weighed for every dog and cat. We will determine a vaccination regime that will provide the safest and best protection for your pet.

For a complete discussion about vaccines and general preventive care for dogs and cats, visit the Pet Health Center of WebMD.

For more about vaccines, review the AVMA brochure Pet Vaccinations.

Contact our office to schedule a wellness visit for your special pet.

SportsVet Animal Medical Center was the best vet I have ever had. I live in Minneapolis now and not only are all of the vets very expensive, they do not really seem to care in the same way Dr. Jacobs did.

Nadine Frances Mercil

I’ve never seen a vet be so caring and compassionate to not only the animals, but the animals owners as well. We think so highly of Dr. Jacobs and his staff that we travel and hour and a half for all our vet needs.

Keri Robinson

SportsVet Animal Medical Center performed TPLO surgery on our 7 year old flat-coat retriever. We were very pleased with her care, Dr. Jacobs and his staff could not have been more thorough, professional, and friendly.

Vickie Hart

Thank you so much, Dr. Jacobs and staff, for helping little Duke regain use of his left leg (he suffered a grade 4 patellar luxation). We so appreciate your kind care, surgical skill and postop therapy.

Lila & Barry McCammon

Dr. Jacobs and his staff are AMAZING. Every time I called, which was often (multiple times a week), they were happy to speak with me. They even sent me video of her during her underwater treadmill therapy. 4.5 years later, while some of her other joints struggle, her knee is perfect.

Callie Cozzolino

Dixie had her TPLO surgery on Jan. 10th and went for her first water therapy yesterday. She is doing great. Getting stronger and using her leg more everyday. Everyone at SportsVet is soooo supportive and caring. Thank you again so much!!!!

Becky Didier

AAHA Accredited Hospital